Muslims Versus Christians?


    It is unfair that the world has to deal with terrorism, violence and war in whatever form. High on the list are usually the so-called Islamist terrorist groups such as Boko Haram, Al-Qaeda, ISIS, and others. Nigerians are more familiar with Boko Haram because they unleash devastation in our territory; it doesn’t matter whether we are in the heart of the chaos (part of the North) or relatively far away from it all (southern Nigeria).

    At the onset of Boko Haram, it seemed that they were targeting Christians as they started out bombing churches. After some time, they began to attack security outfits, mosques and other public places. Of course, at this point, nobody was quite sure what Boko Haram wanted. They couldn’t really be after Christians if they were killing Muslims and I don’t know if anyone really bought the whole “we’re against Western education” nonsense.

    The terror executed in the name of Islam hurts all the Muslims in the world. We have to keep defending our religion, insisting that it is a religion of peace that abhors violence. Of course, most people don’t care how we feel about it all but it’s okay.

    There are so many angles to this thing but one that is a constant source of irritation is the oft repeated “Muslims vs Christians” notion. A lot of people conclude that Muslims are out for Christians or that all acts of terrorism carried out by radical Islamist groups are targeted at Christians. There are lots of amazing Christians out there, and there are Jews, Buddhists, Zoroastrians, and so many other religions. Christianity and Islam are not the only religions in the world and there is absolutely no reason why Muslims would be out for Christians.

    Now, Boko Haram and some other phenomena I’m oblivious to, may be responsible for the “Muslims vs Christians” notion but the truth remains that there is no Islamic agenda against Christians. And yes, this post was inspired by the comments you see in the picture. 



One thought on “Muslims Versus Christians?

  1. Well, in achebe’s book “there was a country…” before the Breakout of the pogrom (Nigeria/biafra), there seemed to have been an organised massacre in which was being blamed on the igbos simply because the military commanding officer then was igbo by name but due to ignorance, people wouldn’t care about his hausa life. He was only igbo by name… chinua said, Nigeria was being known by others as a country Who blamed itself based on two things. Religion & ethnicity. Whatever your offence, you’re first judged according to religion & ethnicity. And Well, I wouldn’t blame anybody for the “Muslim versus Christian?” thing too because if you’d watch the movie “Body of Lies” that starred intellects like di capreo, at the terminal Point of the film, his boss, capreo was the field man… his boss said something In which I agree to. “Nobody’s innocent in this shit”.

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