Greatness do we desire

Power do we covet

Meekness we don’t admire

Virtue has long been dead

Rather than inspire

We oppress

Our souls are like the deepest of pits

We’ve stuffed em with so much shit we can’t breathe

The suppression of the guilt we feel

Resulting from the oppression of our conscience

A deceitful consensus of the crowd in our solitary hearts

To kill our passion

Our passion to see things done right

Right now, a black hole is all that’s left

Sucks in every word and every hint of reason that manages to drift in

What is left?

Maybe pride, maybe pain, maybe hate, maybe nothing.

And to have nothing…to BE nothing is the scariest thing

We come from nothing and we’ll return to nothing

What’s inside of him?

Not pain, not hurt, not pride, not love, not peace…just nothing.

That sick feeling in your gut that you get when you think long and hard about what if there was no you, there was no world, there was no God…but thank God there’s a God.

Because there’s a God we have courage to hope

And if there’s hope love will not die

And with love and hope, faith will thrive.

Faith in God

Faith in love

Faith in humanity

Faith in your hands

Faith in whatever you wanta have faith in

Faith allows us to survive

Greatness do we desire

Power do we covet

Meekness we don’t admire

Virtue has long been dead

We have created stars bigger than what stars are

We call them superstars

We don’t mind that their living they make from lies

We even celebrate their vice

They sing to us in their pretty voices and tell us what they wish

We agree because they say it so beautifully

We dance sometimes not because we need to but because they want us to

Yes we want to be entertained and yes we want to shuffle our feet

We make one superstar and that superstar makes another superstar and that superstar makes another superstar and on and on and on

So we take whatever they throw at us

They determine what we enjoy

And they even make us toys

Some of em we take as demi-gods

Their lives we make our topics of discourse

The man on your street lost his legs fighting for his country but no one will ever hear

They get a new puppy and name it after their mummy; the whole world talks about it for a year.

Gone are the days when virtuous men were superstars

Respected for their wisdom

Honored for their truthfulness

Loved for their humility

Sought after for their counsel

In Noah’s ark they all must have disappeared

Greatness do we desire

Power do we covet

We must take the throne!! At the expense of our souls

Our hearts we throw away, our conscience we shelve.

When we want IT we can kill to get it

Had the universe been ours, all of it we would have spent.

The desire for IT drives us to ways that are crooked

Like maggots on rotten flesh, it eats our decaying hearts away.

POWER corrupts and absolute power destroys

Like a ferris wheel, round and round the cycle goes.

Round and round, in a circle’s center is our goal.

In the end, there’s always an end.

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