We all are storytellers…

Whether by volumes and volumes of books OR by a few verses scribbled on a desk,

A drawing not better than a 5 year old’s handiwork OR a painting more than half as good as Mona Lisa,

A long, well thought out speech written in the most impressive language OR mere ramblings thoroughly enjoyed by a band of gossips,

An award winning film that cost $900million to make OR a 6 minute video that cost 5, 000 Naira and a few hours to edit,

A carefully choreographed soulful ballet piece performed before the masters themselves OR a freestyle that is a fusion of something African, something American, and something else  performed before a few teens in a street corner in Lagos,

An artful musical piece masterfully created by the very best composers but will only ever be appreciated by a few music enthusiasts OR a sweet chorus which the whole world jams to, thought up by the lad who never made it through college,

Complex words intelligently weaved together to convey to the letter the writer’s exact feelings OR the simplest of words and expressions used primarily because of the writer’s limitations or laziness or even a genuine dislike for ambiguity.

Some of us are bad storytellers but…

Everyone has a story to tell and his means of telling it.

Say Something ;)

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