Nothing Special

This piece is over a year old. I would have liked to change a few things but I decided to leave it in its original form. Enjoy…

Like the girl across the street I am just a girl

Nothing special except you can’t see my curls

Like the pretty lady on TV I too like pearls

Nothing special except you can’t see my pearls

Like the girls in my school I too wear skinny jeans

Nothing special except you can’t see my skin

Like many African women I cover my real hair with something fake

Nothing special except instead of a weave-on I use a scarf made of silk

Like any other cool kid that skates I too have got my own pair of roller blades

Nothing special except that I just skate

So why then do you look at me like I’m a plague?

When I’m just a girl with curls that likes pearls and skates wearing skinny jeans and something on her head

Like they say…”safety first.”

So I’m walking down the road and he says “hello”

Without waiting for a reply he goes on to lament

“Do you not feel hot, my skin the sun may soon melt

You sweat much I’m sure and that’s bad for your health

Come out to the world and leave your ugly tent

Why hide? I want to see what’s under there

A woman is art and art is meant to be shared

Come out to the world and like the birds be free

Be not afraid of your family, verily you should flee

Those legs I’m sure will look terrific in a low cut gown

If only you would let your scarf fall down

What pleasure you would find, pleasure so profound”

Of course I’m astonished

What guts this young man possesses

But like the calm of turbulent seas and the heat of The Arctic I reply

“This is Africa and I prefer to protect my skin from the sun’s rays

So I cover

I AM in the world exposed to sheep-wolves and wolf-sheep

So I cover

Not one work of art is appreciated by all, a woman is one man’s art to protect

So I cover

Freedom is not anarchy and I am free to choose whatever rules I please

So I cover

I am afraid of no one but the Lord who made me

So I cover

What is pleasing to me is what is pleasing to me and not what is pleasing to others

So I cover

Excuse me please

I’m running late for a lecture”

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