You Sinister Stalker!

Does he want her?
You ask as you crouch hidden in the bushes
Now the disgusting stalker that you’d always hated

You’ve attached yourself to him with a cord visible only to yourself
You know it won’t hold
This cord of yours will snap
And you will watch its severed end stop at your feet

You forget about the cord and concentrate on them
There’s a hole in front of them
You don’t see it clearly or know exactly what it is or what it means or what it holds
All you can see is a hole

You notice they seem entranced with this hole
They stand as if frozen in time
And suddenly you feel like an intruder again
Of course a stalker intrudes
You should know that
You don’t have to feel guilty for everything

She looks at him now and he looks at her
You can tell what they’re thinking
How they’re feeling
She is scared but she is optimistic
She is enthusiastic
She is ready to go anywhere as long as he takes her hand

Him though…
He is impossible to read
A mask of inhuman calm
You think that’s what scares her
Don’t think you’re right only because it scares you
That mask
If only he’d just turn back and see you
He’d forget the hole
You sinister sinister stalker!

“Do you want me?”
“What do you desire?”
You can’t hear his reply
Or did he reply at all?
They’re holding hands
They weren’t holding hands before
She jumps
And you dive
You catch his hand just in time
He looks up at you with that same mask
And you let go just as you’d let go and let go and let go countless times before

Right at the edge of the hole you sit cross-legged
You will wait for them or for him to come back up
After all your cord hasn’t snapped yet
It is a long cord
But who knows just how deep that darned hole is
Doesn’t matter to you though
You will sit there and wait until the cord snaps or until he comes out again
If he comes out again
You sinister stalker!

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