That thing

It is neither good nor bad
It is either and it is both

It is wicked as it can cause profound pain and hurt
You will hurt and so you will cry
You will hurt until the tears will fail to come
You will hurt so much that the wounds don’t feel like bullets anymore
Bullets make you bleed
But this…
It will feel like a sizzling hot brand pushed right through you
Boils your blood
Leaving behind a cauterized hole
You will feel empty
You will feel a void where no void should be
And you will not even remember how long it had been there

It is evil as it will tempt you
It will tempt you and it will win
It will break down your defences brick by brick or all at once
And when you’re left with nothing
It will sneak away
Leaving you hatred and pain
Regret and some more pain
You will forget you even ever had it with you
It will leave completely

It is hateful as it will cause you to kill
You will kill yourself
You will kill the other
You will kill others for the other
It will give you an excuse to do these things and a pretty good one too

It is stupid as it will make you do stupid things
You’ll make a fool of yourself if you’re not a fool already
And if you are a fool already
Well, you’ll be an even worse fool.

It is beautiful in as many ways as there are beholders whose eyes see beauty
It is the greatest thing in the world
You will build castles
And it will be your foundation
Castles of clouds
Castles of sand
Castles of stone
You will feel on top of the world
Cloud nine
And you will get addicted
You’ll want more every time
You will know heaven
Pure ecstasy

It is freedom as it will make you fly
And you’ll live in castles in the sky
You’ll be a bird
Without a care in the world
You will dream
And you will sing
And you will be anything you want to be
It is candy floss as it is sweet
Sweet and light
Not painfully sweet
Pleasantly sweet

You will feel it in your chest and in your belly
It will cause your lips to curl up of their own volition
They will see it in your gait and in your countenance

Then one day
You will let it go like a balloon
And you will watch it go until it disappears
And you will remember it for a long time to come

It is all these things and more
It is everything
It is anything
It is nothing

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