The Outcast and The Lantern

Beastiful Words

Although the destination be unknown,
Although the night be dark and sky empty,
A sphere of light walks by my lonely side.

Although the way is far and dangerous,
Although the light is gone from the tunnel’s end,
I stole the darkest cloud’s silver lining.

Although I wonder how long these flames burn,
Although I wander these streets endlessly,
I will never let go your metal hand.

* * *

It’s dark. Living in a city without power, it’s always going to be dark. Whenever it gets this dark, the heroes retire and the villains have to save the day, or night as the case may be. I’m one such villain even if people say I’m the one who needs saving. The only illumination around comes from a lantern half-filled with kerosene that I pick up to light my way and this begins my routine nightly walk ‘round the neighbourhood…

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