Cos I Need You to Cry

He was leaving her again. They’d been through the entire charade several times before but this time it felt real. Too real. She watched him cross the road and she knew this was it. There was no “them” and there would never be. She had to do something before he got too far. She looked to check if any cars were coming, then she stepped onto the road.

He turned when he heard the loud thud and the screeching. He froze. He could only stare at the horrific scene in front of him. The whole thing felt like a dream. As if in a trance, he went to her where she lay like a piece of rag in the street. Carefully, he picked her up and held her in his arms. He knew she was going to die. He’d seen it. He’d thought leaving her would save her. He’d thought his demons wouldn’t be able to get to her. How could he have known that his action meant to preserve her would result in her destruction. He would never forgive himself. How would he continue to live. He was staring at her face, his tears had wet most of her face and he didn’t even know they’d been pouring. He buried his face in her neck and wailed.

She felt him pick her up. She felt him clutch her tightly. It was all beginning to fade though. Then the first tear dropped, then another, and another. She’d never seen his tears before. Even now, she didn’t see them. She only felt them drop on her face. She didn’t  know she could have that much power over him. To make him cry. He’d made her cry several times. Now it was his turn. It had worked after all. She could make him cry. She smiled as she drifted away.

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