My Bubble

I am accustomed to feeling alone. It’s easy to blame it on the fact that I don’t have Muslim friends close by. I don’t have a Masjid I can stroll to and chill with “the gals”. You noticed I said Muslim friends. Well, I have friends close by, good people but you know…there’s no one I can really connect with on matters of faith. Yes, Islam is the most important thing to me and I long for someone to share my weaknesses, struggles and insecurities with. Sometimes, I feel like that lone star in a starless night but maybe all I need is myself. No? Oh. I didn’t really think so either.

It’s easy to blame my loneliness on the fact that I don’t have Muslim friends close by but I might be the problem. I’ve got my family and my friends to love and to serve. I’ve got this little space on the blogosphere to write and to share. And I’ve got my Mushaf to be my best friend. I miss Halima, a sister forever. Allah bless her. Don’t worry, she’s alive.

6 thoughts on “My Bubble

  1. Asalam alykum ukhti. I know that feel when you have no one around to connect ‘iman-wise’ with. but see, you could give Daawah to your non Muslims pals. who knows, they just might love the idea of becoming Muslims and you will not feel alone anymore!!

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