Déja vu

Immaculate in white, I feel calm, pure, powerful.

Legs crossed, eyes lowered, typing away on my phone. A story yet without form.

You sit beside me. I’d hardly noticed the bus stop or the lady that had been in your seat leave. From my side vision I can see your bushy brows, your beardless face. I don’t recognize you but I know you.

By the way, my breathing has become shallow now. My heart beating…irregularly? Oh no. I’ve been through this before. I’m not doing this again. I take a deep unsteady breath and clench my jaw.

Ah yes. As I was saying, I know you stranger. Not from my past. Maybe from my future?

Ahhh yes. Déja vu. Now I know what you’ll do next. You’ll get up and go. I force myself not to look up as you leave. In my premonition though, did I look up? I suppose not.

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