Muslimah Naturalista

There are several naturalista blogs out there but not a single one for Muslim women that wear hijab!!! Whyyyyyyyyyyy???!!!!! 😣 I feel marginalized! 😥 Lol. No. Not really. I’m not thaaaat Biafran. 🙂

Anyway. I’ll start doing a few posts about being a covered Muslimah and a naturalista. You might be wondering why a woman that wears hijab would be bothered about what her hair looks like anyway. It’s the same reason I work out (or try to) – to look and feel good for myself. Or you might think it’s really not necessary. There are lots of great hair blogs out there right? Well, I’m doing it anyway.

Whatever I’ll be saying about hair wouldn’t be much about elaborate styling and all of that but probably more about care. Also, there’ll be no pictures of me or my hair but there’ll be pictures where they are needed. So let’s get started already!! Soon. 🙂

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