Sisiano Paolo

It’s been a while since I did a personality of the month post. I did it only once actually. I want to make it weekly now (Lord help me!). There are a lot of people that make an impression on me from time to time and I’d like to share them here.

Sisiano Paolo is one person I followed for a while in 2015. He’s an emerging Nigerian designer and I LOVE his stuff. I’m not sure how to describe his pieces given that I’m not much of a fashionista or a fashion critic but I love the simplicity and edginess in his pieces. I imagine wearing some of his clothes would make a woman feel powerful and maybe even exotic without feeling like you’re trying at all. A Muslimah could actually pick one or two of his pieces here and there and come up with a great outfit. I noticed he had this “dancer” vibe about him before I found out he’s a dancer. 💃 This is what his website says about him:

“Sisiano Paolo is the creative director for the brand Sisiano. Although he is known to also be a Stage performer and a textile design student, dance tends to be represented in his works ascribing movement and fluidity.

The brand was established August 19th 2013, though he had been involved in  a series of creations for dance costumes for about 5years prior to that.

Sisiano’s first break, which kicked off his career as a designer was his participation at the Lagos Fashion and Design week 2013 where in the category of ‘Young Designer of the Year’

Sisiano has 8 ready to wear collections to date and runs a made to measure atelier in Lagos Nigeria.

He is inspired by his mother, Vivian.”

Imagine what he could do if he decides to do a line for Muslim women. 😎 He’s kicked off 2016 with Birds at War SS16. Can’t wait to see what he’ll bring to the runway through this year!


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