Haneefa Adam

And the second week of January goes to… *drum roll* Muslimahanie! Haneefa Adam is one creative sister with such a cool name! She’s a Muslimah lifestyle blogger that’s been blogging for about four years. She’s a foodie, fashion enthusiast, DIYer and creative artist. She describes her personal style as versatile, “chic, simple, flattering and whatever I want it to be.”

One of my favourite things about her is she learnt to sew all by herself and she makes a lot of what she wears. Also, she’s great with photography which helps to give her blog a fresh, crisp look. Her food presentation and creation of art pieces with anything and everything she finds around her are also worthy of note. Check out her Instagram account (@muslumahanie) and you’ll know what I mean.

Update: Yes!! I made it to The Essence Family Funfair and Expo. I’d been eyeing all the Instagram posts talking about it for weeks, never expecting that I’ll attend. The best part is tomorrow though, when the fashion show and talks about the essence of hijab would hold. While all this great stuff is happening, I’ll be on my way to back to Enugu :'(. Oh well, I got to meet Hanie! A normal human being would have asked for a selfie or two but super-shy, awkward Korayday??? Oh no! She might just die asking for a selfie *sigh*. I got two magnetic pins from her (didn’t have money for anything else) and a free cookie 😆. Later, I ate the thing like “ah! I’m eating Hanie’s cookies!!” I have issues, I know. She was warm and chatty, literally bouncing all over the place, that lady’s got so much energy! Habiba Da Silva (@lifelongpercussion) was at Hanie’s stand as well and mehn, her face is as hi-def in real life as it is in her pictures. You literally just want to eat her. I’ve talked too much already but one last thing – I spotted @hajia_belle and yes, sister Zahra (@modest_fashion_nigeria) is really tall! #okbye 🙋


Sources: muslimahanie.com


                @muslimahanie (Instagram)






And this last photo is for Anchorkeidi 😆. It was the only real photo I took. 😣

One thought on “Haneefa Adam

  1. I totally agree with you @ Hanie. I haven’t met her but we’ve chatted, emailed and spoken on the phone.
    I’m happy she has met like minds because she seems way ahead of our Naija crowd. Very talented on many levels.
    It’s fab that you got to go for The Essence. I was drooling over the posters from Abuja. Where are the pictures though?*raisedeyebrow*

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