Styling 101

Let’s talk about styling! Did I hear you say “what’s the point?” Well, I don’t think your hair should be jaga-jaga (scattered) all because you cover it up when you’re not at home. There may be no point in elaborate styling but I’ve got a few go-to styles:

1. Twists!!!
Once upon a time when I made time for my hair, I would twist and twist and twist! My hair was not very long then; it was longer than a TWA (teeny weeny afro) and shorter than medium-length (whatever medium-length means). I don’t measure the length of my hair. Perhaps that’s because I’ve got the “scissors syndrome”. I just keep taking a pair of scissors to my hair for reasons I don’t even remember. The last time was the worst; I had tricked myself into believing I needed a trim to get rid of split ends and because I was too impatient to get a new pair of scissors, I took my nail scissors and snipped away. It was a disaster! Lesson: never decide that you need a trim unless you are 101% sure and please get professional help if you can.

Oh yes, we were talking about twists. I would wash and condition my hair and leave it to air dry for a while. Before it dries completely, I would oil it and get to work twisting. Sometimes I apply Eco Styler gel as I twist. I love this gel, it’s the best I’ve used so far. I like twisting with gel because the twists hold for a longer period and it gives your twists a great finish really. How large or small your sections are depends on you and your hair. Longer hair would be able to manage larger sections and you probably wouldn’t be able to do chunky twists with short, thick 4c hair. I would usually carry my twists for a week or less, depending on how eager I am to unravel them.

See how to twist your hair here:
Or here:


2. Twist-outs!!
These come after the twists and are probably my favourite part. Again, they come out better and last longer when you use Eco Styler gel to twist, at least with short hair. I’m not sure you’d want stiff twists if you have long hair.

You achieve a twist-out by unravelling your twists and then carefully separating your strands. Be careful or you’ll just spoil all your hard work. This style was great for showing off my rich, super-thick hair to my roommates 😎. I had a mirror in my room that I would pass by each time and just stop for a few seconds to check out my hair 😋. This hairstyle could last for a week or so, however, be careful how you tie your hair when you want to do your hijab and how you fluff your hair again after taking off your hijab. And don’t forget to put a layer of satin between your hair and your hijab. (Except the hijab is silk or satin of course)

Learn to do a twist-out here:

3. Braids!
Braids are really my ultimate go-to because they last much longer than twists. For the last 2 months or so, I’ve had my hair in single braids, washing and conditioning without bothering to take down the braids. Now, this is a great method if you have very thick, dry hair and don’t have the time or energy to battle with your hair every week or so. It’s even better for your hair because natural African hair just likes to be left alone! When the braids get rough, you can re-braid. Cornrows are great as well, maybe even better. You could leave your cornrows for a month or so, washing, conditioning, moisturizing and oiling as often as you’d like. By the time you take down the cornrows, you’d be impressed with the curls and texture of your hair. Also, I can guarantee that your hair would feel so well moisturized. Don’t know how to braid hair? Find someone to teach you!

To learn about braiding (not including how to braid):



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