The Hole

Inspired by a conversation…

He asked her about a hole in the ground
That exists in their minds but nowhere else.
He asked her if she would jump past it if
She could or skirt around it completely
Or if she would instead stick both feet down
Its mouth not to check how far she will fall,
But to know if, maybe, it leads to her
Own secret adventures in wonderland.

She said she would ponder on the kind of
Devilry contained therein. She would take
A plunge into the darkness, the abyss.

He warned, the fall might last eternity;
The fall might prelude the earth’s molten core.
He feared the darkness consuming her light

She said she finds it better to fall, that
Way she’ll learn to fly and in between she
Would have learnt so much.
She’ll take the fall to
Know if in that darkness she has a niche
Of her own. No, she would not fall, she would
Jump, soar, fly! In that hole she finds herself.

But she is scared he would not fall with her;
Scared he would not hold her hands as he does;
Scared he would not be there to catch her with
An open heart. While he is scared of the
Answer to her question: “Do you want me?
What do you desire?” The hole is simply
A non sequitur, a misdirection.


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