Yoruba Igbo Muslimah Episode 1 – Intro (update)

Hiya! So you have listened to the first series of my podcast…awesome! Or maybe you have not. It’s all good though. I’ll be re-posting the episodes within the next couple of weeks so please look out for them and share, share, share! 😀

Also, I’m adding the podcast to more platforms with hopes that I get a wider audience. I just got on Stitcher and I’m working on getting on iTunes as well. When you listen, please let me know what you might like to hear me talk about in the second series. Yep! Second series!

Please try the Stitcher player and tell me if you like it:


Original post: “I haven’t been paying much attention to this blog, I know. I’ve got a few projects on the table and one of them is my new podcast. Whoop whoop! It’s a series titled “Yoruba-Igbo Muslimah”. It’s about growing up a Yoruba Muslim girl in Christian Igbo land where there’s hardly anyone like you. You can listen to   episode 1 here Hope you like it. :)”


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