The Big Chop or Nah

If you’ve made up your mind about switching from relaxed hair to natural hair, then that’s great! 😉 But it ain’t easy. 😧 You might know that you have one of two options; to transition or do a big chop. Transitioning means you won’t have to chop all your hair off. Instead, you’ll keep off relaxers, heat treatments and chemical treatments while you frequently deep condition and moisturize. And oh, you’ll have to trim your hair “as little or as much” as you want.


I’m making this post because of all the muslimahs that are not sure whether they can cut their hair or not. Well, according to   IslamQA, Muslim women aren’t allowed to shave their heads but may reduce the length for comfort or beauty. If you follow IslamQA’s opinion, then you could transition or go for the big chop (although, you might not want to cut it too low, right?).


Uhmm…too short?

Yep! That’s more like it.

Yep! That’s more like it…


Or maybe something in between, hmm?

There are other opinions of course and you might want to do some proper research before you decide what you want to do. (I guess this is you researching. Am I helping?)  According to Central Mosque, women can’t cut their hair except to trim uneven ends. If you follow this opinion, then you can transition but not big chop. Still wanna go natural without having to cut or trim your hair at all? Essence does not mention trimming at all in an article they made about transitioning. Remember, with natural hair there are no hard and fast rules, so by all means, embark on that journey to healthy, happy, savage hair. 😉

And oh! I spot a sister that’s considering the big chop but is not so sure. Nne, please don’t big chop just yet, you might regret it. Just try transitioning. You might want to see Kanisha Parks’ thoughts on the big chop. Hey Natural Hair’s also got a nice piece on the pros and cons of the big chop and transitioning.

Personally, I never found myself contemplating between transitioning and the big chop. I was sick of having relaxer treatments that only burned my scalp badly and damaged my hair. So one day, I accompanied my mom’s friend to a salon to get her hair treated and I ended up with a big chop! My mom wasn’t keen on the idea at first but well…I got my way😌. This was December 2011/January 2012. By now I should have waist-length hair (naah..not really) but between then and now, I ran back to “creamy crack” at least twice (like a real junkie) and got afflicted with the “scissors-hands syndrome, resulting in at least three more “huge chops” with the last (and possibly most devastating) chop around April/May last year. I believe I have been properly rehabilitated and now pledge to “maintain” my natural hair just as Eve would have (she could have had kinky hair:roll:).

One last thing; this whole natural hair thing is about patience, consistency, and a dash of adventure. Please do your research before you jump in and yes, there’s too much information out there and it can get pretty confusing. I’ll try to make sense of it all for ya. 🙂

For more on transitioning, check Black Naps. See how women compare transitioning and the big chop here.

*Nne – sister (Igbo)

Photos: Naturally Motivated Lady

Craving Yellow




3 thoughts on “The Big Chop or Nah

  1. Haha aunty don’t comman infect us with your creamy crack perfume o. You’re still fresh off it😩. 3times? Haba 😭
    Lol just playing. I also did not have time to think.

    One Sunday i just told my mum I’m tired of my hair. The woman obviously got tired of me saying it because she got out a scissors and told me to get ready. We both laughed through the process of cutting my hair. That was 2yrs ago

    Liked by 1 person

    1. 😃 I don’t think the creamy crack somtin is infectious

      But you gotta tell us…did you ever regret your big chop?!

      My mom wasn’t a fan of my idea to cut my hair though. And from time to time, she goes, “psst, sure you don’t wanna try the good ol’ crack again?” 😬

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Haha mummy temptation. Haha
        Nah I dont regret it. It would have happened sometime, even if not to go natural, to start afresh and grow my hair with the creamy crack.
        The question is if I regret going natural. That’s a different thing altogether


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