Don’t Fall In Love With An Artist

STOP!!! Read this. 😊

The Purple Suitcase Diary

He’ll sit in his studio for hours and hours while you sit on the couch in the sitting room occasionally brewing coffee and taking it to him. Each time you’ll come to take the cup away you’ll find it cold and not drunk. Still, you’ll make another one and hope perhaps he’ll take a sip of it this time at least. You’ll sit alone and read Khaled Hosseini’s A Thousand Splendid Suns but reach for a tissue every time he stuns you with revelations and vivid descriptions with his adjectives and metaphors. You’ll sit there hanging on every word and holding your breath with each page turn. He, your artist, will still be in the studio drawing and painting and sketching while he mumbles to himself about shading techniques. Your eyes will flutter as you battle with nature over the sleep your body should have but you’ll lose. Then you’ll…

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