Hi! My name is Korede (pronounced Kou-ray-day). I’m Yoruba by birth & blood and I’m Igbo by naturalization. I’m every bit a Coal City girl; I grew up in Enugu and I absolutely love it here. I think I love writing but I’m a very lazy writer and I’m a serial blog-starter-got tired/lazy-blog-deleter. Does that even make sense? I guess what I’m trying to say is I’ve started and deleted so many blogs I’ve lost count. However, I will NOT delete this one! Amen? 😀

A few more facts about me: I live in my own head most of the time, I’m an inbetweener (my word for very moderate individual), I’m shy, smart, awkward, I want to do and be everything, I’m generally a confused person but I’ve got focus and maybe some drive. I’ve worked in media (campus radio) since 2011 and I guess I can say that’s my calling (for now). And the best part of me? I’m Muslim ^_^

Follow me on Instagram @korayday and on Twitter @IamKorayday


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