Yoruba Igbo Muslimah, Episode 2 – Call My Name Right


As I repost the second episode of YIM, episode 1 is up on YouTube! Search “Yoruba Igbo Muslimah” on YouTube. See ya next year!

So, the second episode of my podcast is ready. You can listen on Soundcloud or download here. Please like, share or leave a comment. Merci!


Yoruba Igbo Muslimah Episode 6 – Final Episode

And it’s a wrap on Yoruba Igbo Muslimah  (let’s call it Season 1 :))! Thank you for being a part of this journey. I’ll be making another post with links to all the episodes soon. Meanwhile, I’ll be at NYSC orientation camp, Kubwa, for the next three weeks, starting tomorrow.

Listen to Yoruba Igbo Muslimah Episode 6 – Final Episode.mp3 by Korayday #np on #SoundCloud

Or download here.